Proven nutrition in every bag.  

Managing nutrients for superior performance and consistency.
Animal performance begins with the basics. That means knowing your animal’s nutritional needs at every stage of development – and knowing how to satisfy those needs with the right ingredients and guaranteed nutrient values.

No one does it better than Agway®—and that’s how we deliver a better, more consistent quality feed. We call it True Nutrition Technology®—and only Agway® has it.

Ingredient values vary from supplier to supplier.
No two suppliers deliver the same ingredients with the same nutrient values. At Agway®, we use our world-class formulation system and the industry’s most extensive ingredient analysis program to manage this variability and deliver consistent nutrient values and quality in every bag. This unique and powerful system is part of our True Nutrition Technology®— and it produces a superior feed that matches the needs of your animal at every stage in the life cycle.

We know our suppliers better than they know themselves.  
At Agway®, we are 100% focused on manufacturing quality feeds that are precise in the formulation and that deliver consistent nutrition in every bag. It’s a process, and it means that we have to know our suppliers better than they know themselves.

True Nutrition Technology® means:
• Measuring and tracking key indicator nutrients for every ingredient we use, now numbering more
   than 200.
• Taking extensive samples from every ingredient supplier’s plant for scientific analysis.
• Loading this nutrient data into our Optimum Value Supplier Database™  with more than 70,000
   ingredient samples from 1,700 suppliers.
• Establishing a “fingerprint” for every supplier plant with a history of variation for every ingredient.
• Sharing this vital information with our feed formulation teams to ensure precision values and
   formulation results using our proprietary formulation system.